Limited Edition Brooch Bouquets by Phyllis Beard

Items of Interest

Commissioned by Her Majesty The Queen

Philip Lawson Johnston

Philip Lawson Johnston - Royal Seal
Philip has been a hand-engraver of glass for over 41 years. He has worked at variousĀ studiosĀ in London including Sculpture Showroom in Chelsea. In January 2009 he was granted a Royal Warrant to be Hand-Engraver of Glass to Her Majesty The Queen. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers. His commissioned work on pieces in Phyllis’s brooch bouquets lend an authentically royal pedigree.

James Reedy

James Reedy - wireframe construction
James Reedy, engineer at, devised with Phyllis the substructure for the bouquets. The innovative, copyrighted construction is lightweight.

Ron Bischoff

Ron Bischoff - wooden handlesMaster woodworker Ron Bischoff has turned elegant wooden handles for the feminine hand.

Limited Edition

Each piece signed, dated Each limited edition brooch bouquet is signed by the artist, numbered and dated.

Custom Designed

Original bouquet design sketchHere is a design sketch, the creative seed that leads to each distinctive brooch bouquet. Each piece is a uniquely designed work of art envisioned by Phyllis to complement the occasion.


Brooch Bouquet in ClochePreserve your heirloom forever with the right care and housing. Brooch bouquets are real conversation pieces when presented under a protective cloche, as available from

My Crystal Keepsake Brooch Bouquet by Phyllis Beard

My Crystal Keepsake Brooch Bouquet by Phyllis Beard

My Crystal Keepsake Brooch Bouquet by Phyllis Beard